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[CA] Youth Pastor in Torrance area
조한준 2018.06.06 04:34:37 PM 조회 : 697
Rejoicing Presbyterian Church is a KAPC church in southern Torrance area.  We are seeking a part time youth pastor who has the following qualifications.

1.  Qualification

- Master of Divinity or equivalent from an accredited seminary.
- Ready to be ordained or already ordained.  If still in seminary must have completed at least two years of training.
- Fluent in English and communicative in Korean if possible put not absolutely necessary.
- Legal status in US
- Passion for Christ and His church.  Pastoral heart to care, teach and guide the youth in a presbyterian setting.  Must have strong sense of calling not a part time job seeker.

2.  Ministry description

- Junior High/High School group of about 28 students.
- Main ministry is Sunday preaching and teaching.
- Weekday follow up and pastoring youth in their lives.  
- Must be willing to get involved in their lives pastorally.
- Annual retreats, summer missions, monthly activities and discipleship on Friday nights.
- Direct report to EM pastor and work in team ministry environment unlike typical Korean churches.  KM pastors, elders and PTA are very supportive.

3.  Required Documents

- Resume with picture of self and family if married.
- Self introduction/testimony of becoming Christian and calling into ministry.
- Plan and vision of ministry.  Ministry philosophy.  Explain why you are in ministry.
- Proof of degree.

4.  Submit resume to:

- pastor.ben.cho@gmail.com    714-315-8058

Rejoicing Presbyterian Church
25500 South Vermont Ave. Harbor City, CA 90710
남가주기쁨의교회 Rejoicing Presbyterian Church of S. California
주  소 25500 S. Vermont Ave., Harbor City, CA 90710
TEL 310-326-0300 FAX 310-326-9093
Hompage rpcsc.com Email
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