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태극기를 들어라 /박선희 Pickup TaeGookGhy & Wave it high! (영어와 한글 자막)
유샤인 2019.03.15 11:09:05 AM 조회 : 89
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVLIAjluwgU Click the link if auto video feature does not work on your browser.

태극기를 들어라


울화통이 터진다 
조상님이 피땀흘려 모아놓은 재산이
산산조각 거덜나고 있구나

더 이상은 못 참겠다
모두 함께 뭉치자
사랑하는 젊은 이들아
정신 바짝 차려라

아아 나라가 위태롭다

태극기를 들어라
태극기를 들어라

우리들이 이긴다
애국 동지들이여


Pickup TaeGookGhy (Korean National Flag) & Wave it high!
Lyrics, Composition & Singing: Park SunHee

Angered am I
Inflamed am I!

Burst am I into a fit of rages
The fortune our ancestors saved up in sweats and blood
is being busted into bits and shattered pieces 

I can suffer it no more
Let's all unite together
Dear young ones, 
take tight grips on yourselves
Ah, ah, our nation is in a precarious situation

Pickup TaeGookGhy & Wave it high
Pickup TaeGookGhy & Wave it high

We shall surely win, 
Dear fellow patriots


South Koreans regularly, waving Korean Nat'l flag, have marched in protests of illegal impeachment of their first lady President Park Geun Hye who was falsely accused of no significant crime, but was wrongfully character assassinated by the leftist media and the so-called candlelight mobs.

아름다운 공간으로 함께 만들어가요.
08:02:10 PM

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